Men's Shaving Kit


Men's Shaving Kit

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Obtain a close shave with Uncle Crazy’s Shaving Kit.

Use the Pre-Shave oil to lubricate the skin and soften the hairs. Lather up your shave puck with a brush for optimal lather but can also be hand lathered too. You will not get a big fluffy white beard cover like the chemical filled shave creams out of a can which is not needed for a good shave. Rinse, pat dry and follow with the Post Shave for a moisturizing astringent no burn baby bottom smooth finish.

Shave kit includes:
Pre & Post Shave and a shave puck

Available aromas:

Buccaneer - The classic old world scent of Bay rum

Dark Forest - Fresh Lemongrass top notes, calming middle notes, when a solid grounding note rounds it out perfectly.

Fuzzy Koala - The Spearmint wakes you up and Eucalyptus helps you on your way

Sasquatch - The world's best hide and seek champion! Sasquatch the thing, the myth, the legend! This wonderful blend is made with best Balsam Fir from the Pacific Northwest coupled with the Spruce and a few other magical essential oils and you get Sasquatch! Become the legend and let the crazy out!

The Dude - a sexy clean manly aroma. Our top seller

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