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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all you products handmade by you??
    Yes! We take pride in making our products and have the knowledge and years of producing our items for the public.
  • Are you located in a Tea Shop?
    Funny you should ask...Yes, We are located in the front of Flagler Tea Company. We have been located here for the past 7 years, and have not moved.
  • Do you carry Essential Oils?
    Yes, We have our own brand of Essential Oils, Sourced from our in house Master Aromatherapist. He has been on staff since we opened our doors ion 2016 and receiving his Degree from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland OR.
  • Do you Private Label products or offer Wholesale Accounts?
    Yes, We Private Label for many different Spa's around the USA. We do offer Wholesale accounts. Please Send an email to inquire about our pricing.
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